a b o u t

hey there!  welcome to my crib (on the web!). i’m sarah & am happily married to matt, the love of my life.  together, we are the proud parents of our precious, beautiful, free & wild girls, chloe & olive.  i’m obsessed with them, Jesus & identity.

and, hmmmm, let’s see, i like to wear the same outfits for days, so perhaps i’m a minimalist.  but, if you’re referring to my eyeliner or brows, i like to go big or go home, baby.

 intermixed into all the above, for the past 7 years, i’ve been rooted at new vintage church, serving under awesome pastors & alongside the best people in worship & women’s ministry to build God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  aaaand, 4+ years ago, i was assigned to pastor & co-found a recovery ministry called fresh start.  (yeah, tap that link & come say hi!)

the backstory

God radically rescued me from a life of addiction & self-sabotage 13+ years ago.  i have since been on a love-filled freedom journey with Jesus to find out who He is & who i am in Him.  He has not only forgiven, redeemed, set me free & apart & given me a brand new identity as His child, but is actively taking the incredibly broken & shameful places in my life & using them as a launching pad to propel me & others into true freedom by way of a fresh start thru Jesus.  so instead of staying hidden or letting my past confine & define me, i am letting it all refine me to make me into the woman God has called me to be.  God gives endless opportunities in a plethora of ways to speak out for Him; this space being one of them.   bravely, unhindered, i open myself up to live creatively, without comparing myself to others, as if i were better or they were worse; i am an original, immeasurably loved by the God of the Universe; as are you! created on purpose for a purpose!  risking myself with this one life i’ve been gifted is how i’ve decided to roll.  my oldest daughter, chloe, who was diagnosed with spina bifida in utero, was the catalyst to start this thang.  you can read her story here.  and, so, in His timing, i’m stepping out & risking it all for His glory!

thank you so much for being here!  many thanks to my family & friends who’ve encouraged & prayed for this thing to happen.  and, a huge thank you to my friend, jen, who has been instrumental in putting all the pieces together!  seriously, you guys are the best!   a special shout-out to pain, adversity & trials because what was meant to distract, dissapoint, distress, weigh down, cause fear & make me shut down, have only caused incessant perspective-swaps, “a-ha” moments & victory dances.  God always knows how to flip it all around & bring me outta each & every pit (no matter how i got there) working it all together (like He does) for the good of those who love Him & are called according to His purposes.

 now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us, be all the glory!  ephesians 3:20

                               love, sarah deter